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What comes to mind when you hear “Sales Training”?

Are you tired of sales training that:

  • Does not take advantage of your current skills, experience and industry knowledge?
  • Is not specific for the challenges of business to business selling in your industry?
  • Does not take advantage of the programs and people you already have in place?
  • Is a re-packaged “methodology” of the same things you have heard over and over again?

Why is COACHING more effective than TRAINING?

Do you want a sales coach who will:

  • Take advantage of the investment you have already made in traditional sales training?
  • Take advantage of the skills, experience and industry knowledge you already have?
  • Focus on the specific opportunities and challenges of business to business sales?
  • Show non-sales people how to contribute to business growth?
  • Make you a better sales leader that can bring out the best in others?
  • Implement action plans and business metrics for your sales growth?

Bob Riess is your business to business sales coach who will work with you on your sales growth. He provides coaching that is customized for individuals and groups and will contribute to your sales success. Contact Bob today if you want to implement ideas and receive sales coaching in any one of these critical areas:

Coach the Sales Coach
Sales 4 Non-Sales
B2B Sales Growth
B2B Sales Assessment
Train The Sales Trainer

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